Meme Marketing – A strategy to attract millennials!

Mere pass ek scheme hai… no no I am not quoting Akshay Kumar’s dialogue, but I actually have the scheme to boost your online engagement.  Want to know how? Add humour! You must be thinking, marketing is a serious business, how can we add a humour and make a joke out of it? Let me explain.  

If you are reading this, chances are you are either stuck at home due to lockdown or recently came out of it. One thing that you might have noticed during the lockdown was that mobile phones and the internet had become a common source of entertainment for everyone. Just in one month, there was a 20% surge in the usage of the internet in the urban area and 60% in rural India. 

 The above stats suggest that during the lockdown, people were consuming intrigating and humorous content in the form of videos and images which were highly relatable and are popularly known as Memes. For those who still don’t know what is a meme? A meme is an idea or a concept that is a humorous representation of a real-life situation in the form of text, images and videos. 

This kind of content gets rapidly shared on the internet, making it a trend. If we talk about the recent time, the stills and videos from famous TV shows and films are used for meme content. Few classic examples of meme content are “Monisha beta, this so middle class” dialogue from Sarabhai versus Sarabhai, “Kabhi Kabhi toh lagta hai apun hi Bhagwan hai” from sacred games and the most popular “kidney mei heart attack” from the film Phir hera Pheri are an all-time classic. 

Now that you know this kind of content is easy to recognise and make a long-lasting impression, you must be thinking of how a meme can be a better tool for marketing. Consider two situations here: 

  1. A promotional video of a brand with a lot of infographics. 
  2. Promotion of a brand in the form of dialogues from a popular movie. Which out of the two will grab your attention?

 That’s the power of meme marketing. It has the potential to grab and retain the attention, unlike the other promotional video ads where people press the skip button at the first chance they get. 

Meme produces instant response and engagement because they are already favoured and contain high chances of being re-shared amongst the peer group hence creating a wider reach, making it a notable tool for marketing!

Where to start from? 

Think of a favourite scene or a dialogue you go back to time and again. What is that one fictional character your friends keep on mimicking all the time? Is it Akshay Kumar and Paresh Rawal from Phir Hera Pheri, Nawazuddin Siddiqui from Sacred Games or Joey from FRIENDS? These will lay the root foundation of your meme marketing strategy. Internet is the biggest library and source of inspiration to find out what kind of content your target audience is liking, based on their preferences you can incorporate your service in the meme. 

 Still, confused about how to add meme to your marketing message? We have a solution to every problem! We do assure good results over the period but not double the result in 21 days!

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