Importance of an interactive website

On a Sunday afternoon, you decide to pamper yourself and take a solo trip to your favourite shopping store. The moment we walk in the store, the rack of clothes is unorganised, the hangers are empty and the centre table has a jumbled pile of clothes. You try to take out a few clothes from the pile, but before you could find that perfect pair of jeans, you have already made your mind to exit the store. Similar can be the case if your website is not organised enough to interact with the client. 

Gone are the days when the purpose of the website was to inform the users. Millennials are the tech-savvy generation, who make their living out of being online and for them, the website is like a cover page of a book. The appealing website will result in more mails in the inbox, which will increase the chance conversion and lead to more celebration!

Before we jump to the part “Why it is important to have an interactive website”. Let’s look at the features that you can implement in your website to help with the interactive design:

GIFS, Videos and Images – If you do not have either of these three on your website, the visitor is not going to spend more than ninety seconds on your page. 

Chat-bots – Have it already! Don’t you like to be greeted by a staff member when you walk in a restaurant or a store? That’s what a chatbot does – they welcome the user to your page and offer assistance. 

Easy Navigation – If your pages are not interlinked properly or the customer is not able to find what they are looking for, they are most likely to leave your website immediately. 

One size doesn’t fit all– As mentioned before, millennials are a tech-savvy generation who might soon start using their smartwatch to access your website. Make sure your website layout is flexible to fit in all kinds of screens. 

Now that you know what features to add to your website, to make it interactive, below is the list of reasons why adding these features to your website is salient. 

1. Increased time on the website 

The amount of time spent on your website is known as dwell time. When you add features like GIFs, Animation, Images and Videos to your site, visitors spend more time looking at them and ultimately register your brand content or story in their head. This not only increases the dwell time on your website but also shows Google that you have good quality content on your website, thus increases your ranking. 

2. Improved user experience

With the right images, correct backlinking, easy navigation and screen fit, the user are likely to visit all pages of your website spend more time collecting the required information. Having a chatbot in place enhances the user experience and add a personal touch to it, which results in visitor revisiting your page more often. 

3. Quality traffic and improved conversion rate 

An interactive website, which offers good user experience is likely to have less bounce rate than the non-interactive website. Because of it’s customised feature and attractive content, the user is likely to stay longer on your site which will get a high page view and higher conversion rate. 

The added befit of having a sophisticated interactive website is that if your target audience likes your website, they are more like to follow you on different social media platforms and turn into your loyal customer. In this way, you will achieve two goals with one dart! 

Did we get you overwhelmed with how to make an interactive website? Don’t worry, we’ll take your imagination back to Sunday afternoon, where you are enjoying your family brunch and on Monday morning you can reach us to solve your problem. 

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