Results vary according to your industry and your product. It also can depend on your ad budget. Little ad budgets tend to perform worse than big ones but that doesn’t mean it won’t work.
Pixel’O’Media believe more into relations with their clients and charge according to the customer’s requirement. Charges are purely according to your demand, we make the best for you.
Our Guarantee is simple. If you feel that we lack in our dedication and work towards your company than will work harder until you are satisfied. We don’t quit unless you want to.
Pay us later if there is any doubt.
We believe in only creativity and innovation and this is a simple proof of it. Imagine you say a design which is just amazing, we simply say “WOW or Oh! WOW”. Pixel is one of our service and the Media is for the other. We connect through that impression of WOW in our services. Hence the name is Pixel’O’Media.