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Shades skin and hair care came to us in 2019 with the task of updating their branding and packaging designs to help them appeal to a younger audienceWe assisted them with their brand building, franchise distribution campaigns, and increasing their followers and engagement reach.

Scope: Designing, Brand Building, Franchise Distribution Campaigns, Online Revampation. Increasing follow and engagement reach.

Kaleen India

Kaleen India is a passion-driven rug company that finds its origin from a 50-year-old textile family business. Counted amongst the global pioneers in manufacturing and distribution of multi-category floor-coverings, the brand works with local artisans in its birthland India to create thoughtfully designed and carefully handcrafted area rugs and broadloom. At Kaleen, every rug we make brings to life an old craft, while fitting perfectly well into the spaces of today.

Scope: Designing, Brand Building, Online Revampation, Increasing follow and engagement reach.

Pride Hotel

Pride Hotels Group resonates true Indian Hospitality. Being a truly Indian brand people have taken pride in associating with us. Pride Hotels Group Incorporates the Five sense of traditional Indian welcome namely, fragrance, music, ambience, regional Indian paintings and frescoes, and mouth-watering Indian Cuisines. At Pride, we start with a traditional welcome of Namaskar and welcome our guest with Tika, Aarti and Garland which is how we welcome guest at our homes. There is a familiar fragrance of tuberose in our lobbies which we have in all of our hotels.

Scope: Designing, Brand Building, Social Media, Growth Marketing

AQ Health Care

AQ Health Care has been conceptualized by Dr.  Ashish Agarwal With their specialization in Physiotherapy and Sports Rehabilitation, their team of best physiotherapists has made its mission to improve the health and wellness of the people by focusing on the rehabilitation of sports and industrial injuries. Over 15 years of experience in a variety of rehabilitation settings with extensive knowledge and expertise in their respective fields.

Scope: Designing, Brand Building, Social Media, Growth Marketing

Mahatma Jyoti Rao
Phoole University, Rajasthan.

Mahatma Jyoti Rao Phoole University based in Jaipur, India, Mahatma Jyoti Rao Phoole University trusted us with their digital platform and optimization. We helped them in brand building and online revamping. The results were incredible and the state university has been on the list of our happy customers since then.

Scope: Designing, Brand Building, Online Revampation, Digital Platform and Optimization.

The Tanzanite Experience

The Tanzanite Experience based out in South Africa has the “ONLY” museum of Tanzanites in the world. The Tanzanite Experience approached us in 2020 with the task of radically overhauling their e-commerce website; introducing animated sections and implementing their new colorful branding. We provided them with results beyond their expectations. We assisted the company in conceptual designing and advertising, collaboration with Dubai Expo 2021, content creation, and more. The outcomes were remarkable and gained us one more happy customer.

Scope: Web Design, Conceptual Designing and advertising, collaboration with Dubai Expo 2021, Content creation, and more.

Banas Dairy

Asia’s Biggest Milk Production, a cooperate society With Banas Dairy, we have been involved with Optimization, content creation, PR, photography, and management. We successfully achieved the targets our customer was aiming for and we are happy to provide satisfaction through our work to one more customer.

Scope: Optimization, Content Creation, PR, Photography and Management.

Kutle Khan Project

We have been with the Kutle Khan project since 2020. They approached us to handle their social media sites and broaden the audience reach on Instagram. We went in there and took them to 2.8 million followers on the site! How cool is that!

Scope: Website, Designing, Handling, Story, and Content Creation & Optimization.

Happy Group Of Hotels

A hotel chain of Uttarakhand with 4 hotels with 40 rooms each. We handle their presence on various social media platforms and design relevant and effective content that goes up on their platforms. Along with that, we helped them connect with various people like Content creators that can promote the hotel and increase their reach.

Scope: Branding, Web Designing & Media Buying.

Srivalli Restaurant, Jaipur

Srivalli is a beautiful restaurant in Jaipur famous for its location. We’ve expanded their online presence throughout Jaipur and around it through professional social media marketing. We’ve arranged collaborations with professional influencers to boost their reach. Our team brings a wealth of experience from some of the world’s most formidable production studios, agencies, and start-ups; bringing that expertise to your digital fingertips!

Scope: Social Media, Influencer Marketing, Photography & Production.

The Palms Golf, Lucknow.

We designed their website to satisfy their customer services needs as well as to attract new customers for them. The website created by our creative web development teams impressed them by being elegant and comfortable for people using it from both sides of the screen. We aim to always make it easier for businesses to connect with their audience through our work.

Scope: Web Designing.

Radisson Blu

We launched their open live kitchen through the process of advertising which increased the attraction of the customers and hence the growth of sales.

Scope: Advertising.

Hapley Foods

We marketed their products on social media sites through regular postings and story creation. It’s been a while since Hapley has been with us now. We have been taking care of their social media marketing strategies and execution of the same. We’ve boosted their reach through influencer marketing as well. Not only this, but we’ve built their website from scratch and handled its maintenance as well.

Scope: Performance Marketing & Web Designing.

Boisson: The Blend Company

The website for their online transactions has been created and is maintained by us! They have trusted us with the photography part of their business as well and we provided the results beyond their expectations. Our photography experts know how to capture a product’s real essence with their cameras.

Scope: Advertising, Social Media, Designing & Packaging, Franchise Management & Production.

Caffe Birraio

We developed their website according to the latest trends and consumer needs. We also photographed and enhanced the beauty of the products they have. They trusted us with the maintenance of the website throughout their marketing journey and we are delighted to have them in our family of happy customers!

Scope: Web Design, Photography & Production.

Ekaa Designs

We helped them create a distinctive presence on social media platforms. We helped them position themselves to remain relevant to the trends and consumer preferences and we deliver content that adds value to the brand as well as the audiences that engages with it. Not only this, but we help them with the generation of leads and sales that will help the brand grow.

Scope: Social Media, Photography & Production.


Indian Wood Craft is a family-owned company and Epoxyium is the trademarked brand of the same. We are manufacturers of Home & Living furnishing and have been present in the market since 2018. Indian Wood Craft is a family-owned company and Epoxym is the trademarked brand of the same. We are manufacturers of Home & Living furnishing and have been present in the market since 2018.


Scope: Social Media Marketing.

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