Is that it? The entire world is questioning up to reconsider the assumptions and expectations for their lives and careers. It’s time to take a new path towards #marketing trends.


We at PixelOMedia, thought to bring the limelight of corporate, Linkedln. As everyone out there has a new set of mind for their employment. Let’s see what’s their for you as a brand or a corporate. 


The Big Shamble.


After the reshuffling in the world due to pandemic, the behavior of consumers using Linkedln has changed and hence Linkedln has made some swaps with their interface and methods. Marketers have been feeling little drained in the past two years but the time is moving and so as marketers like us. 


The Restart.


Remember the time when Linkedln was supposed to be used for networking and interactions only. We have seen making it tinder and saw it trending that you need to stop making it one. 


For Marketers it was an opportunity to come back into the game and trend with the same old viral content and hence they did. Now lets’s talk about the process and what matter the most.


Video Video.


Since Linkedln has introduced the native video upload feature, the content has been shifted from text to videos. Try posting different lengths of videos, they help you with more engagement rate. Also try to post some real live videos rather than just taking some stock videos from the websites like Envato etc. 


Be minimal with your content.


You will never get more than few seconds to engage your consumer , try with maximum 150 characters and add a question to it so that your customers will have something to say. Trust us, it works like a charm.


Be smart.


If you have recently started writing on Linkedln, we suggest you to use Content Suggestion Tools . It will help you in the long run and will always keep you up to date with the trends and topics.


We at PixelOMedia has been managing Linkdeln profiles for content creators, politicians, brands and many others.


Let us know if you are looking for a Linkedln manager for your firm, we would love to take it over for growth and branding purposes.

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