You have got an idea, executed it, identified the work, and departmentalized it. The delegation of authority and responsibility is done, and you’re on the verge of launching your business. Now, all you need to do is approach a branding agency, right? WRONG! A lot of brand and business owners stay under the impression that all they need to do for successful branding is approach an agency but that’s far from the truth. You need to imbibe some basic re-branding strategies which will be a small but substantial step in your branding journey.


Let’s see the 5 most important Pre Branding Strategies you need to know before hiring a Branding Agency:


The Right Nomenclature: The Name of the Brand!


The identity of everything and anything in this world is attached to its name. Your brand is no different here. It is important that before you scale your business and start working on branding and marketing you have a simple yet striking name to identify your company with. For mass scalability and recall value in the saturated market, it is necessary that the name you choose reflects what your business stands for. While thinking of a name avoids going a complicated route and sticking to the basics.


Define the Mood of the Brand.


Another step that will shape up your brand’s identity and give it a good recall value will be curating a mood story. A mood story is basically a theme that’s unique to your brand. The curation of your vision will also help the branding agency you work with to understand implement your vision. This perfect mix of personalization from your end and your branding agency’s expertise will help your brand is flourishing.


Understand your competition.


A crucial Pre Branding Strategy is being mindful of who your market competitors are. Do proper research on who your competitors are, how are they utilizing their marketing strategies (Online & Offline), and analyze if it’s working for them. It is a great opportunity to learn from someone within your niche.


Focus on “What you are good at”.


Another pre branding strategy or more of advice before you start working with a branding agency is that you should learn to let go. It is vital that you follow the strategies given above so that the agency has a clear idea of what you want, and they can focus on their expertise, and you can focus on yours. This will eliminate the constant to and fro which will result in more productivity.


Most Important: Trust the Process!


It takes time to build an idea into a business and similarly it takes time for a product/service to become a ‘brand’. Before jumping on the branding bandwagon, you need to prepare yourself for the process. It will take time but if the ideas and executions align then it will be an easy ride.


If you think you have already implemented these plans and strategies into your business and you’re on the lookout for a branding agency that will convert your product into a brand then your search stops right here.


Let’s be #pomified.



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