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In todays ever changing world its hard to resist the charm of the new and exciting trends. These trends
present themselves every day and as a branding agency it’s our duty to hop onto them before anyone
else. So, it was but obvious that in the post-pandemic world we had to follow the biggest global trend
ever- shifting to a hybrid setting. In retrospect, hybrid marketing and branding hasn’t been a bad move
for us, in fact, it has done more good than bad. As a (hybrid) agency we have the ability to be in full
control of our brand’s surroundings in every sphere, be it online or offline. This helps in designing
aggregated branding strategies which has proven to be beneficial for all our clients. Well, at least for
those who were open to new ideas. So, from our fare share of experience in the hybrid branding and
marketing sphere we deem ourselves qualified enough to talk about it and share the things that did
and didn’t work for us to help you in your journey with branding and marketing.

One of the most apparent benefits you would have with the Hybrid system will be that your brand is
going to be safer in the longer run. Your brand will have multiple channels of distribution to fall back
on which in turn will give it space to experiment with the content and strategies. This surely happens
with time and experience but once your brand sets its foot into the hybrid arena with the help of a
reliable branding agency (us… duh!) it will be all uphill from there.

Checks and Balances
In any two pronged or multi channeled system another obvious benefit is that its easy to keep check
in terms of what’s working and what isn’t. The multi channeled approach helped us in trying new
strategies simultaneously and keep tabs on them based on growth and the ‘right reach’. In this, the
offline sector formed the basis of our campaigns, and the online campaigns were put up as a
competing layer where we tried different strategies of branding and digital promotion to map out the
most beneficial way for us to market the brand.

Profit Building
When you have multiple channels of marketing, each channel is trying to generate sales and revenue
for the brand. It is reasonable to conclude that with increasing number of revenue streams you will be
generating more growth, if handled properly. The ‘handling’ part is where our branding agency come
in the picture. It is not the decision to be present on multiple marketing channels that will determine
the successful visibility of your brand. Its about how well you will utilize and monitor these streams
that will make it or break it for your brand.


“The squeaky wheel gets the grease”
The fact that your brand is present on multiple online and offline channels makes it obvious that
people are going to come across it frequently. The familiarity factor is a step up for any brand in
comparison to its competitor brands. Consumers will have a recall value to your brand which will
convert them into regular customers. Apart from this, the hybrid approach will target those consumers
as well who might be active in just one stream. For example, a potential customer of yours, XYZ, is
active on Instagram and you have designed a dedicated social branding strategy then you will be able
to convert a potential customer into a regular customer even if they are not engaging with the other

One of the few disadvantages of hybrid branding and marketing is that it requires a considerable
amount of time and monetary investment from the brands. More often that not, brands are not very
receptive to this idea because of their own valid reasons. The chain of pitches and follow ups can be a
cumbersome task as the hybrid approach will require your involvement in every peculiar step.
Apart from time you might also have to shell out money for different campaigns that are going around
in multiple channels which can be a heavy task specially if your brand is relatively new. When you
show trust in us with your time and money the growth expectations also increase. By managing your
brand duly, the ultimate goal for us will be to increase its credibility and consistency.

A well-rounded approach always helps in staying ahead of the curve. A holistic approach towards
branding forms the very essence of this business and how well you maintain that ecosystem is what
decides your growth as a brand and of course as an agency. The main understanding of branding
comes from the process of trial and error and what works for one brand might not for the other but if
you get the basics right then it’s going to be a fruitful ride for everyone involved in the process. This
new hybrid phenomenon has definitely brought a wave of change with it and we’re super excited to
see what’s next in store for the world of branding.

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