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A Challenge for Change

A Challenge for Change

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Rajasthan has become a new Breeding ground for the entrepreneurs around the country. Millions of entrepreneurs are coming up with billion-dollar ideas that are flourishing the dry state. This turnaround of startup industry in Rajasthan is a fruit of constant efforts by the government to provide a better atmosphere for business in the state. In this continuous effort, Rajasthan government has come up with many powerful Schemes to promote business.

The Honorable chief minister of Rajasthan, Vasundhara Raje, has also called upon the youth to join hands with the government and contribute towards the advancement of the digital revolution in the state. To align with this, the Rajasthan government launched a platform — Challenge for Change — in August 2017 as part of its flagship initiative iStart.

Challenge For Change Overview

Challenge for Change aims at serving the two-fold purpose of providing a platform for early-stage startups as well as getting the state government acquainted with the talent and solutions locally.

Enthusiasts can sign up on this platform and submit their Ideas with the required Investment and manpower etc. to implement these Ideas. Since the launch of the platform around 1 Crore worth of project has been provided to various startup to cure the socio-economic problems in entire Rajasthan.

Previously, the government focused on solving problem-related to governmental functioning. But this year the Government has decided to shift their focus on aggravating revenues and generating employment opportunity in the state.

The Challenges that are introduced this year are:

  1. Boosting wool industry in Rajasthan
  2. Conversion of barren land to Productive lands
  3. Improving the shelf life of the Agricultural surplus
  4. Reduction of water-intensive Crop Cultivation
  5. Developing Remote Monitoring Systems for Mine and Quarry blasting

These Challenges are coming with an unusual and a disruptive offer. To work on the government projects without going through the long process called the Tender. Yes, you heard me right, now you can work directly with the government with no tendering required.  The Rajasthan government has put in place a host of policies, initiatives, and events to help develop a healthy and supportive ecosystem for startups in the state. Pixel’O’Media wants to present the heartiest thanks to the government of Rajasthan for providing such wonderful opportunities for the startup Industry in Rajasthan, we look forward to these Challenges and many to come in the upcoming years and work in collaboration with the government on improving the Socio-economic condition of Rajasthan.

Pixel’O’Media, a 360° Branding and Marketing company, welcomes all the startups that are participating in the Challenges and wishing them a Best of Luck we look forward to working with you if you intend to market yourself online across the globe.

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